Popformance LXCC

Lexus SC300, Lexus SC400 and Toyota Soarer Aftermarket Climate Control

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This is the all new, Popformance replacement for the factory Lexus SC400, SC300 and Toyota Soarer Climate Control System. (Name not yet decided)

It is designed to replace your factory climate control with a new updated appearance and features allowing you to utilize the space for more than just climate control. With this system you will be able to read and monitor up to 8 auxilary gauges, read your 0-60 Data, calculate power, and monitor your driving to shave time off of your track runs, monitor slip angles while drifting or even monitor your daily driving characteristics to improve your Fuel consumption.

All units contain these functions before shipping
  • Touch Screen
  • SD Card
  • USB
  • 8 ADC Channels
  • Climate controller chip
  • Accelerometer & Gyroscope

Device Can have as an option
  • Optional Boost Controller
  • Optional OBDII/TDCL Controller and/or Traction Control
  • Optional Wideband Controller and/or EGT Controller

The units are currently nearing the end of their beta testing with field units nearing the end of their testing cycle. Expected sale and delivery of future units should begin in September, however the date is not set. The price of these units will be released closer to the sale date.

At the bottom of this page there are some questions that you have asked either here, or on various forums. In the meanwhile, you can sign up for future updates by following this link:

Sign Up For Updates

NOTE: All units in pictures or videos here are of test units, and do no depict the finish of the final product. All units are intentionally rough to prevent theft.

Lexus SC300 Climate Control
SC400 Climate Control
Toyota Soarer Climate Control
Lexus SC400/SC300 Climate Control
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Question : better have a long... long... thread on how to install this
Answer : You'd be really surprised at how easy it is to install. One of my easier products to install. I'm really happy with it. That write-up would be really short no matter how I try to extend it.
Question : how about obd1?
Answer : I have OBD1 on mine and currently looking for a OBD1 to OBD2 converter. Shouldn't be too hard to find one. We might make a module for it depending on how much time it will take to work with the TLDC
Question : Will this work on my Soarer?
Answer : Just in case any Soarer owners are also interested. We've done testing with a Soarer and it is compatible with Soarer's as well.
Question : How much were can igt
Answer : We're gonna be posting pricing once we're done testing and finish the unit.
Question : Damn dude! How much?.. lol
Answer : We're getting really close to finishing this but won't have a pricing until we're done. We're trying to get this unit built as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality. You guys will be the first to know as soon as its finished.
Question : I just want the climate control function..
Answer : The basic unit comes with Climate Control, Accelerometer, and Gauge readout. You can set it so it only loads and shows the Climate Control, but the hardware to support the other features will still be in there.
Question : Okay great, when can you have one shipped to Montreal?
Answer : We are working hard on it. We are hoping to have them available well before the summer.
Question : What do I need to do to install this?
Answer : It's not set in stone if you'll have to splice it yet. Alex and I are fighting it out. But if you do splice it will be exactly like how you would splice in an aftermarket deck. In fact, you can splice it at the exact same point so it will save you the headache.

1. +12V B+
2. +12V Battery
3. GND
4. Headlight Dimmer +12V
Question : Will the temp stay in celsius or can you change it? Jw lol
Answer : If your car displays in C with the OEM Climate Control, it will display in C with this. If it displays in F with the OEM Climate Control, it will display in F with this.
Question : Yes make a cheaper one with just climate for us poor folks with no boost!!!
Answer : The basic unit does not have a Boost controller. The boost controller is an add on, same as Wideband and OBD. The basic unit has Climate Control, Gauges and Accelerometer. It has USB and SD Card slot for Datalogging, Computer connection and image upload. And I'm going to anticipate your next question... No we cannot remove the Accelerometer, SD and USB for specific units. It ends up being cheaper if we have the basic units all exactly the same, so we don't have to deviate from regular production
Question : Would it be poissible to make one just the gauges no ac@!?
Answer : The basic unit has Climate Control, Gauges, and Accelerometer. Every unit will have those basic things. You can set if you want the unit to start up and go straight to gauges if you'd like. The default startup will either be the main menu or Climate Control. (Probably Main menu if on Ignition only, and Climate Control if the car is started). There are no pictures or videos of the main menu right now... Actually, maybe in the older videos that were posted there are vids of the main menu, but those are so old that the look has drastically changed.
Question : I have a 93 it would function the same correct, just not have obd2?
Answer : Yes
Question : Will there be a way to change the color of the climate controls? This technicolor look just doesn't meld well with any interior. Even just a black and white/grayscale option would be better.
Answer : The unit is currently in Beta testing. Most things regarding the appearance, both physically and digitally, have been kept in a very basic or even undesirable state intentionally to prevent theft. The colour palette for certain screens may be user configurable in the future but every screen will visually improve before release.
Question : would this be "plug and play" in any year SC?
Answer : Please refer to the question above. The device may require up to 4 wires to be spliced into your harness. Luckily, the unit is right beside your head unit and you can connect to the exact same point that you would wire in your headunit.

1. +12V (B+)
2. +12V (Battery)
3. GND
4. Headlight Dimmer +12V
Question : how well will the with with an AEM EMS or PROEFI?
Answer : The unit does not require compatibility with any EMS to work as a Climate Control replacement. Therefore, it will work just fine with your AEM EMS or PROEFI. The part that does matter is the OBD Plugin to the basic unit. If your aftermarket EMS uses OBDII it will work with it as well. If the aftermarket EMS uses a proprietary connection to external computers or devices it will not work.
Question : so this will work on reading out OBD1 codes? or just OBD2
Answer : Please refer to the second question for more details regarding OBD1. We may not release OBD1 support immediately due to TDLC, a non-standardized connector and protocol.
Question : Are the touchscreen buttons and icons going to change places at all or will they definitely look like that in the end? I ask because I think it could look cooler with other icons in different positions. Perhaps a wider screen to help it look more like an OEM product would be cool too.
Answer : The touch screen buttons for the Climate Control will stay in generally the same places as what you see in the video. There may be a few less buttons since I've found a way to control the vent direction with a single touch rather than the left and right sliders shown. If you look at the factory Climate Control, the buttons are in the same places as how they've been laid out on the screen (The Soarer Climate Control Buttons are Mirrored). I tried for weeks to fit a wider/larger screen in the area that Toyota has provided and my best effort required a significant modification to the finisher housing where the Auto/Temp control knob resides. If I run a custom set of TFT LCD screens with touch overlay to make a very wide display the cost per unit would increase by at least $2000 CDN assuming I sold at least 50. As it stands it is impossible to fit a larger screen in the area for the intended price range of the product.
Question : What sort of setup and adjustment will the boost controller require? For instance my greddy profec spec b 2 is a pain to adjust and tune properly.
Also approximately when should i expect to be able to purchase? Need a guinea pig?
Answer : We haven't finalized the Boost Controller yet. The Boost Controller will be a plugin to the basic unit, so every basic unit is upgradeable if you decide to use it in the future. I've heard more complaints about the difficulties on setup and usage with the Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller than I care to remember. The setup will be easier than that.

The current target for the beginning of distribution is June. We are currently at the end of field testing so there are no more testers necessary, but thanks for the offer.
Question : Could we at least get a ball park for the price. I'd like to start saving.
Answer : Please email me personally at pcproa@popformance.com
This question may be removed shortly.
Question : Will this unit be able to tell the pressure in tires? If not, I think this will be a great idea in addition to everything else.
Answer : I'm not aware of any aftermarket tire level detectors right now. If there is one available and it has a signal output, then it will be possible to interface it with this Climate Control.

And thank you very much =)
Question : Will you supply software/firmware updates after shipping? In a similar vein, what's the user feedback loop? If it goes wonky on us, how the heck will you debug it?
Answer : Software and Firmware updates are provided free of charge for the life of the product after purchase. There are no additional charges for firmware updates.

If there's ever a problem with the unit, email me with details of the problem. I normally answer my emails pretty quickly and I'll fix/modify the firmware and send it to you as an update. All firmware updates are installed through the USB port. (It's the same procedure as most other products that can be updated by firmware releases)
Question : I have a ScanGaugeII which won't work in my late model (1997) 3.0 litre Soarer. Will this unit be compatible with the protocol that Toyota have used in JDM cars? The OBD2 interface sounds interesting, but the obscure protocol has frustrated my, and others' attempts to get any meaningful information via OBD.
Answer : I can't yet decide if we'll be supporting anything more than OBDII at the moment. The success or failure of the product will determine if I make more addon modules. Also, as you just mentioned, the protocol used for OBD on many JDM cars is obsure if it doesn't follow the OBDII standard. Even the older TDCL that Toyota used in the early models is a "headscratcher." It's very hard to get documentation on the protocal for many of these systems so the work required to figure them out far exceeds its worth.
If I do support it in the future, you'll be able to add it on any time after the purchase of the main unit.
Question : Is this only for SC series? Have you tested whether it will function on an LS400?
Answer : Yes, the Climate Control portion is similar but different on the LS. An LS version will be released shortly after the SC version and it will be very close so a lot of the addons for the SC version can also work on the LS version.
Question : Hello just a random question if peopl would provide there own device's
like a galaxy note 2 (being quad core) could something like this be flashed as apposed to building your unit from scratch.
Answer : No. This is not as simple as a software app for your phone. There is hardware involved here. I am reading and writing signals on multiple OEM Toyota lines. The OEM controls are not driven by software and cannot be altered without a device like this to read and write the signals.

A lot of people are caught up with the phone craze. This is not a device that requires a multicore processor. It is not a multimedia device at all. It is intended to modernize the Climate Controls and add a few features like integrated Boost Controller, Gauges, etc. It can also replace your bleeding OEM screen. It is not to stream your favourite video.

Imagine this were entirely controlled by a phone. There were no controls in the car, and you lost your phone or dropped it and you need to turn on your Defroster.
Question : I do understand this AND all the time and effort you have been putting
Into this (I am extremely grateful)
Do you have a donations page?

Also I did not want to control eny of my car with my phone I'm not into that
just was hoping to one day replace the Soarer EMV with a multi core device that can still talk to the soarer's ecu which I realize would be a lot of time and work
Its just what I have always wanted.

Thank you for investing yourself into this it is I wish I had your ability.
Answer : Thanks for the offer. I do not have a donations page.

One of the intended features of this product is the ability to connect and communicate with the cars ECU. That is in development and will be offered as an addon to this unit in the future. So you can purchase this when it is released next month, and you can addon the ECU unit in a few months when it becomes available.
I'm also working out a discount structure where if you purchase a basic unit at the beginning of release then all future upgrades will be offered at a significant discount.

The factory EMV unit is a heavy, clunky, problematic, beautiful, restrictive mess that is amazing when it works, but annoying when it doesn't. Replacing it saves weight, removes the problem and allows you to convert to a more standard and useful Double DIN headunit. This product addresses that.

Thanks again for the support
Question : do you plan on making a UZZ31 (V8 with EMV) version? guessing it is already compatible with the climate control lines, but not the AV channels/buttons.

further, for the airbag TEMS models, any thought to adding height controls?

Answer : With a few additional parts this can convert an EMV equipped car. There will be more information on that once it's released.

I've been convinced to make an airbag controller but I was convinced too late after the final circuit was designed, so it will not be a standard feature. It will be a future addon.
Question : Not to be a pain but how are things going?
Any progress updates/pictures.
Im still so excited about this.
Answer : Not being a pain at all. Progress is slow on this. We are still just sorting out final details. One of them being the name. We did put a video up about a month ago on a Facebook Group, but Alex put it up on his YouTube page recently.

Question : Hi, I own a Uzz31 Soarer and know this is going to be wicked once released, just seeing by any chance a release date and price has been decided yet, Also I'm in Australia if possible like to know of postage cost. Thanks for all the hard work as well guys!.
Answer : Thanks =)
Answers regarding release date have been answered a few times above. Once it is ready for release we will create a page for everything.
We are not even close to a price for postage. We haven't even fully finalized what will be included in the package to determine the weight and dimensions. I have considered flat rate shipping Worldwide but we'll have all the information once we're at that point.
Question : Hi, I own a 1992 Uzz31 SC400 and know this is going to be a breath of fresh air once released, just seeing by any chance a release date and price has been decided yet, it has been a while since I last heard anything so I thought I would check. Also I'm in Australia if possible like to know of postage cost. It certainly is going to make things easier for replacement. Thanks for the idea and work guys!.
Regards Frank
Answer : Thanks Frank. I think this may be a duplicate post since the exact same question was answered right above this.
Question : This is the answer to all my issues.! When, where and How do I buy one?
Answer : When: It will be very soon. Make sure you sign up for updates to be notified once released.

Where: It will be available through this website

How: There will be an email link to the purchase site. It will be sent out in the mass emails for everyone that has signed up for updates
Question : Hi, I own 1990 Uzz32 with the digital dash and the EMV I have has broken, so naturally I am very excited about getting this instead of another factory unit!
Is this compatible with the Uzz32? I know the answer is likely to be yes but I just wanna double check so I don't buy it and find out it doesn't work.
Answer : Yes it is compatible with the UZZ32
Question : For the gauge functionality, will special senders be required or will this work with regular analog senders widely/cheaply available?
Answer : Analog sensors that are widely and cheaply available work. I personally use cheap sensors from prosportgauges.com, but I've been thinking about starting a high accuracy line of sensors to offer with a few of our products.
Question : Will the Auto function work as well (just like OEM)?
Answer : Yes the Auto button works the same way, just like OEM
Question : You need to make one for 98 lexus GS
Answer : Can you please contact me at info@popformance.com
Question : Hello. I am very happy to learn about this product and I do plan to be a customer. I have a 1993 OBD1 SC300 but I will soon switch from the stock 2JZ-GE ECU to a USDM 2JZ-GTE OBD1 ECU from an MKIV Supra. Assuming the OBD1 function becomes available given the complexity involved, would this function still be compatible? Thank you for all the hard work going into this device!
Answer : Yes
Question : As someone previously stated, You need to make one for the 2nd gen GS300/400/aristo. Are there any plans for this?
Answer : Can you please contact me at info@popformance.com
Question : Is the interface configurable?

I don't like that giant on/off button smack-dab in the middle of the screen; can I move it to a different position?
Better yet, can I delete it, and just use the OEM push-button knob, as on/off the way it is already?

Answer :
It can be changed/moved in a future version but right now it is fixed. You cannot remove it. The OEM controller has an OFF button on the face. The Auto button that's on the side turns the climate control on, but it doesn't turn it off. The Off button is required to be able to turn the climate control off.
Question : Any updates as to when this would be available?
Answer : They have been available for sale since the end of January. You can visit the product directly at the Popformance website by going here:

The product is named the Popformance LXCC
Question : Hello, thank you for this great product! Is there anything you can tell us about the traction control option? Is it possible to use on ABS-equipped but non-factory-traction-control models? And will it have a rain mode? Thanks!
Answer : Thank you for your interest in the LXCC. The traction control addition has not yet been developed so unfortunately I don't have the answers that you're looking for. Hopefully in a few months I'll have some answers.
Question : I have a double din android unit installed. Is it possible you could consider a unit that will interface with the OEM data lines with your hardware12512 but output the video and receive touch inputs from a seperate device like my android head unit.
Answer : Please email me at info@popformance.com so we can talk about details of the project you're looking to do.
Question : Is this compatible with right hand drive Lexus ?
Answer : Yes it is
Question : Is the face removeable for customization. Example i have hydrodipped interior plastics, for climate as well. I would like to remove face plate as you can with factory unit and send out to have dipped to match.

Such ill work man. Keep it up... big thanks ;) oh.. when will they be back on stock?
Answer : We have had a few people pull out the screen and vinyl wrap it as well as one guy that has hydrodipped it and posted it on Facebook. Send me an email at info@popformance.com
Question : As of March 10 2018 are you still making/selling these units?
Answer : Yes we are.
Update: As of March 19, 2019, we are still making/selling these units.
Question :

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