Popformance LSCC

Lexus LS400 and Toyota Celsior Aftermarket Climate Control

This is the all new, Popformance replacement for the factory Lexus LS400 and Toyota Celsior Climate Control System.

It is designed to replace your factory climate control with a new updated appearance and features allowing you to utilize the space for more than just climate control. With this system you will be able to read your 0-60 Data, calculate power, and monitor your driving to shave time off of your track runs, monitor slip angles while drifting or even monitor your daily driving characteristics to improve your Fuel consumption.

All units contain these functions before shipping
  • Touch Screen
  • SD Card
  • USB
  • Climate controller chip
  • Accelerometer & Gyroscope

Device Can have as an option
  • Optional Boost Controller
  • Optional OBDII/TDCL Controller and/or Traction Control
  • Optional Wideband Controller and/or EGT Controller
  • Airbag ride height controller

The units are currently in their testing phase. The price of these units will be released closer to the sale date.

At the bottom of this page there are some questions that have been asked either here, or on various forums. In the meanwhile, you can sign up for future updates by following this link:

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NOTE: All units in pictures or videos here are of test units, and do no depict the finish of the final product.

Lexus LS400 Climate Control
Toyota Celsior Climate Control
UCF10 Climate Control
UCF11 Soarer Climate Control
XF10 Soarer Climate Control
Lexus SC400/SC300 Climate Control
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Question : Will this work on my Celsior?
Answer : Yes
Question : I just want the climate control function.
Answer : The basic unit comes with Climate Control and Accelerometer. You can set it so it only loads and shows the Climate Control, but the hardware to support the other features will still be in there.
Question : What do I need to do to install this?
Answer : It is a simple install. Just unplug the face from the back and plug in the LSCC
Question : Will the temp stay in celsius or can you change it?
Answer : If your car displays in Celsius with the OEM Climate Control, it will display in Celsius with this. If it displays in Fahrenheit with the OEM Climate Control, it will display in Fahrenheit with this.
Question : Can you make a cheaper one with just climate control for us poor folks with no boost?
Answer : The basic unit does not have a Boost controller. The boost controller is an add on, same as Wideband and OBD. The basic unit has Climate Control and Accelerometer. It has USB and SD Card slot for Datalogging, Computer connection and image upload.
Question : Will there be a way to change the color of the climate controls? This technicolor look just doesn't meld well with any interior. Even just a black and white/grayscale option would be better.
Answer : The unit is currently in Beta testing. The colour palette for certain screens may be user configurable in the future but every screen will visually improve before release.
Question : Would this be "plug and play" in any year LS?
Answer : Yes. It does not require any additional wiring. It is plug and play for any year LS400 or Celsior between 1989 and 1994
Question : Will this unit be able to tell the pressure in tires? If not, I think this will be a great idea in addition to everything else.
Answer : I'm not aware of any aftermarket tire level detectors right now. If there is one available and it has a signal output, then it will be possible to interface it with this Climate Control.
Question : Will the climate control work just like OEM?
Answer : Yes the climate control works the same way, just like OEM
Question : Anything visual planned for idle periods? Like a screen saver.....or the users ability to upload his own picture to the device?
Answer : There is currently nothing planned for the idle periods like a screensaver. As for the user being able to upload his own picture for a startup splash screen, it is possible but it is currently not enabled in the firmware.
Question :

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